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Today we just lost someone who maybe has had the most significant impact on the game of football than anyone who has ever stepped on the field. Name another person that is a Hall of Fame Head Coach, arguably the most iconic sports announcer, and changed the entire landscape of video games. That would be none other than John Madden.

The name Madden stands alone by itself like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Jordan. When Al Davis hired John Madden, he was the youngest Head Coach in the league. He later led the Oakland Raiders to the Superbowl and still holds the highest winning percentage among all coaches who won 100 games. However, his impact became more significant after he stepped away from coaching.

Madden teamed up with Pat Summerall and became a mandatory must-see every Sunday! They both complimented each other so well with Pat’s smooth and calm demeanor while Madden was screaming catchphrases that are still used in many households today. Nothing, however, compares to what was scheduled to release on June 1, 1988.

Madden Football has changed the way kids view the game of football. Many like myself was introduced to the gridiron on a console before stepping between the lines. Of course, things were different the first time you got SMACKED and realized that’s it not a game anymore! It’s not just kids though, look at the many NFL Superstars enamored with how the rankings are input into the game. It’s even become so large that Hall of Fame quarterback Payton Manning is “over” the rankings. That goes to show the impact that John Madden had. If you talk to anyone who knew him, they’ll tell you how much he is loved.

When Pat Summerall passed, the first person I thought about was John Madden. Let’s not be sad as another angel has gained his wings. After reading this, go into your mancave or she-shed, grab the sticks and wait until you hear ” E..A SPORTS… IT’S IN THE GAME!” Look up at Madden and enjoy the gift he left for us all. Thank you for bringing me joy throughout my childhood to adulthood. Rest easy John… Your career has been ALL-MADDEN for a long time! I’m sure the color commentating with you and Pat up there are going to be something like, ” here’s a guy who can use his arms and legs at the same time.”

Tyler Butler