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Did the MVP go MIA?

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MVPs typically show up in the biggest moments…

That’s the complete opposite of what Lamar did. He beat an overachieving team with a rookie QB and could honestly have won if not for Jacksons turnovers. There’s an easy argument to be made that the leadership style of that team taught Zay Flowers to act how he did down 10 in the 2nd half of an AFC Championship game. LJ is supposed to be the difference maker for the Ravens. Instead, he was the MVP for the Chiefs. 

 He had the best team, with the best record, and came up pretty short. Beating Houston isn’t anything for a player as hyped as Lamar is to be proud of.  Essentially, what did he accomplish with the #1 overall seed in the playoffs? Nothing. Period.

Tell me how that’s wrong? Tell me why people want to give regular season players playoff flowers? Tell me how Lamar Jackson isn’t Philip Rivers? Just because you can run better doesn’t make your team results better. What’s the biggest game Philip Rivers ever won? What’s the biggest game Lamar Jackson has ever won?

So many people caught up in all the wrong things…. they are looking through the wrong lens… this is an education in Sport on the field, Sport in the front office, business, and life. It doesn’t matter HOW someone plays any position. It matters how effective one is at completing their job and achieving the desired results. Watch “Moneyball”. If you’ve seen it, watch it again. This time – take notes, write quotes.

Vince Carter was one of the most beautiful basketball players to watch in all of history. In his same draft class were both Paul Pierce & Dirk Nowitzki. Ugly players to watch. CHAMPIONS, both of them. Half man, half amazing? 22-time loser. No natty in college. Great dunker. Great veteran. Sold tickets. But the truth? His best role was being the 3rd or 4th option on a team. His best teams were with the Nets where J Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson, Alonzo Mourning, and ONE HELL OF A ROSTER around all that! Dirk was a 2nd option needing a dominant point guard like J Kidd. Paul Pierce was an alpha who needed an aging shooter, and defensive stopper like KG.

I don’t care if my quarterback has the POTENTIAL to play other positions because, for one, he will not be playing other positions. In fact, he himself was insulted by the suggestion. Much like Tim Tebow, the entire offense has to be structured around him. I don’t see any racism in the difference between their treatment, do you? 

 Who cares how athletic an individual is? Do you want Peyton Manning & Tom Brady or Michael Vick & Lamar Jackson? Combined Superbowl wins as starters? Career W-L record? AVAILABILITY is the greatest ability. Which QBs are available more often? Which is a bigger injury risk? Which one’s will have longer careers in the NFL? Who’s more athletic? Does athleticism matter? You can dress up a pig and make it really pretty. It will still wallow in the mud (the comparison here is never winning a game that matters, lose every time they come up against real competition, and fall on their face having the #1 seed like the Ravens this season – like the #1 seed 14-2 Chargers with LT having an MVP, record setting season).

They both played in the ACC. They both play for overrated, underachieving franchises. They both have such incredibly talented teams around them. I’ll ask you again…. Talented…. great…. According to the Louisville website, Lamar’s best season in high school resulted in a 9-2 record, and surprise, surprise… no Championship. What’s the biggest game either of them won in college? Lamar: Louisville Rivers: NC State What’s the biggest game either of them won in the Pro’s? Lamar: Ravens Rivers: Chargers What’s Jackson’s best season in college? Lamar: 2016: 9-4… Citrus Bowl loss 29-9 v LSU stole the Heisman from Deshaun Watson. Take the time. Look it up. Get out of your feelings. Look at the facts!

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Corey Spearman