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Alright, I’m getting tired of everything I see about Bronny. First of all, this draft class was the weakest class I remember in my lifetime. Rarely does an NBA draft pick see a second contract. Even more rarely do we see a second round pick have a highly productive career. Drafting Bronny to keep LeBron is as much value as any NBA franchise could ever hope to get out of a second round draft pick. Secondly, nepotism is sports? Never! I’m pretty certain Dabo Sweeney put his kids in the team at Clemson, and there are hundreds of D2 players who deserved those roster spots at CLEMSON.

Has anyone looked at the last names of the most influential people within the Dallas Cowboys? Quite a few of them are Jones, and no, that’s not just a coincidence! Third, I’m tired of hearing people say Bronny will be the next GOAT. Let’s see if he can contribute on the court first. Lastly, there are plenty of reasons people can dislike LeBron James, but pulling a string to use a throwaway draft pick so that he can play a few years of professional basketball with his first-born son shouldn’t be one of them. His son is going to make his own money. His son can stand on his own two feet. His son will get an experience that, so few sons ever get. Any man who says he wouldn’t do the same for his son is a liar or the type of male not worthy of being called a man. Fathers look out for their sons. Fathers want the best for their sons. I’m happy for LeBron. I’m happy for Bronny. I’m happy for the entire James family.

Corey Spearman