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October 1, 2021

(On getting RB James Robinson the ball on the fourth-and-goal play before halftime) “Yeah, it was  actually designed to get James [Robinson] on the outside. We were going to fake like we were going  inside because there was going to be a real expectation that it was going to be real heavy defense inside  and then flip to James, and the end went up field on us. There were the two thoughts, and you look back  now and James is running the ball hard, our offensive line was playing well too.” 

(On RB James Robinson being able to get yardage on the fourth-and-goal play if he was given the ball  directly on the inside) “I can’t disagree with you.” 

(On the team’s struggles in the second half and what he is looking at) “I’m looking at it all. I would imagine it’s not conditioning but I’m looking at the halftime adjustments. It seems like the first part of  the second half is when we’ve had a couple issues. I remember that against Arizona and then as well as  the one last night, they went right down the field on us. So, we’re looking at that, but I don’t believe it’s  conditioning. I’m looking at the second half adjustments and what are we doing as opposed to [the  other team]. I know Cincinnati came out and tried to establish the run early in the game and we played  them very well. I talked to [Bengals QB] Joe Burrow after the game a little bit. Then [in] the second half,  he wanted to empty it out and identify matchup issues, and that’s what they did. Their second half  adjustment was better than ours.” 

(On an update on RB Carlos Hyde and K Josh Lambo) “Carlos Hyde really practiced all week and then  came the day of the game, and he had some shoulder soreness that he just thought he couldn’t go.  [Josh] Lambo, no update.” 

(On balancing WR Jamal Agnew’s workload on offensive and special teams and utilizing other players  with the injury to WR DJ Chark Jr.) “We have Devin Smith who was activated one game, you have  [Laquon] Treadwell [who] was activated another, and Tyron [Johnson] who has been activated, so we  have to get those guys ready. Jamal Agnew is now I think only [in] his second year playing receiver. [He]  was actually a corner out of small school in San Diego and his value is incredible. That’s something that I  have to make a decision here pretty soon, but we need play makers on offense. We need those big hits  and [Agnew is] a big hit guy. That was an excellent throw and catch by him and Trevor [Lawrence] and  then also on those speed sweeps. He’s excellent with the ball in his hands. I think he can do both and I  plan on doing both with him. We just have to keep a close eye on, like you said, the workload.” 

(On newly acquired TE Dan Arnold performance last night) “I’m personally very excited about him.  We’ve been searching for a matchup advantage, and he can really run. You saw just glimpses of it I  believe yesterday. He’s a hard worker, good person. Trevor [Lawrence]’s excited about him too, so  they’re going to spend some time Monday when they get back working together. Again, we’re excited  

about his future.”

(On updates on WR DJ Chark Jr. and OL A.J. Cann) “I’m going to get that later on today and I’ll share that  with you later in the week.” 

(On what changed on the defense between the first and second halves) “[I] went back and watched it a  couple times already and it’s [that] they changed their whole approach in the second half. First half, they  were trying to establish the run and we are very strong against the run and kept [Bengals QB] Joe  Burrow [contained]. He wants to empty out, he wants to see the field, and that’s what they really did  with great success in the second half. They also ran the ball a little bit, but once we snugged down, we  played pretty good run defense and we had a couple missed assignments.” 

(On WR Tyron Johnson learning the playbook to get more involved in games) “It’s a great question, and  yes, that’s what it is and [a] detailed approach. He had his best week in practice and he’s a very talented  guy. We’re glad he’s with us, but it’s time for him.” 

(On the holding call against CB Tre Herndon on the final drive of the game) “You could see I thought the  quarterback was in the grass and you could see the hand on him. It didn’t look like a hold, but we’ll see  what the NFL [says]. They do a good job sending back what their thoughts are and all that. But I don’t  usually get into all that arguing about officiating calls and all that. It’s just see what they come back with.  But if it was called, it was called.” 

(On getting K Josh Lambo’s confidence back) “I will have more of an update in the next day or two.  Everything you said is absolutely correct. We all, in athletics, have dealt with that, whether it be a  pitcher, whether it be a golfer, whether it be a kicker. The guy’s a workaholic, the guy’s a grinder, and  the guy’s talented. We’re all personally trying to get him through it. That’s what he’s working through.”

Tyler Butler