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Maria Kanellis-Bennett is happy to be back at ROH, and explains how The Kingdom’s return came together. She talks about the chemistry between Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and herself, and how that’s changed and evolved over the years. She speaks about the ROH family, the Briscoe Brothers, and what she misses most about Jay. She shares her thoughts on what makes a good wrestling manager, the state of women’s wrestling in general, and why she loves being part of the AEW & ROH women’s locker rooms. Plus, Maria has plenty of stories about spiders & bugs, the Australian outback, and her first time skydiving!



Maria Kanellis-Bennett on Jay Briscoe:

“I feel like any time we go out there, we’re taking the spirit of Jay Briscoe with us because he really was, him and his brother, were the locker room leaders.”

Maria Kanellis-Bennett

“Now because of the kids, I’m like, ‘shoot!’ Cause they want to see me wrestle, especially my son. So maybe one more run wrestling if it comes up.”

Tyler Butler