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ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Toa Liona from The Mogul Embassy is living proof that dreams do come true with persistence and hard work! The former football player and power lifter explains how one encouraging word from his wife sparked the journey that led him to AEW. He discusses his friendship with Kaun, how they became part of The Embassy with Prince Nana and Brian Cage, and what led to their recent merger with Swerve Strickland to become the Mogul Embassy. Toa talks about his matches with Dalton Castle and The Boys, Wardlow, FTR, and Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee, and what he’s learned the Samoan wrestlers who came before him. He shares the inspirational story about his wrestling training, and the sacrifices his family made so he could pursue his dream.  Plus, he’s got tips on fitness and nutrition, and reveals his best bench, squat and deadlift. 



Toa Liona on the first time he met his tag team partner, Kaun:

“Kaun stuck out to me. I said, ‘he’s good.’ So I always had my eye on him, and so when I saw him it was like, ‘hey man, I love your stuff’.”

Toa Liona on joining Prince Nana and The Embassy:

“When I saw [Prince] Nana, and saw his character and all that stuff, I said, ‘ohhh! We’re definitely in the money today!’”

Tyler Butler