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Gamecocks Disappoint Against Missouri

Flat, stagnant, stale…so many adjectives you can use to describe the Gamecocks performance against Missouri. I prefer just to use disappointing. Once again, the Gamecocks come into a game ranked with tons of momentum and fail to deliver a win. The offense couldn’t deliver when needed, and the play-calling continues to surprise and underwhelm.

Sitting in the stands, the fans could predict the next play, usually a bubble screen to Antwane “Juice” Wells. The offensive line took a giant step back and delivered another disappointing performance.

The surprise of the night was how underutilized star TE Jaheim Bell was used, playing only nine snaps all night. In his post-game press conference, Coach Beamer indicated that Bell was healthy and that it was due to the packages and the formations called. It’s baffling to think that a team’s star player isn’t included in most, if not all, an offense’s packages.

Many fans are starting (continuing) to call for the firing of Offensive Coordinator Marcus Satterfield. When asked if he’s thought about changing play callers, Beamer answered with a resounding “nope”. With another conference matchup next weekend against Vanderbilt, one has to wonder if a change won’t be made if the offense continues to sputter.

Hopefully, the offense can rebound and gain bowl eligibility against a Vanderbilt team searching for its first conference win. If not, the “climate” in Columbia, South Carolina, will get a lot warmer for Beamer and Co

Justin Shealy