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COMPLICATED: Consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate 

There’s a lot of things in life that can be deemed as complicated. Running for an election, opening a business, or pursuing a dream can throw many complications throughout that process. Now place a relationship into the mix, plus friends and family! Can you imagine how complicated that can become? Award-Winning Director Johnny Sizemore and Writer Kerrick Greer do just that in the upcoming series on YouTube called COMPLICATED. 

The series is mainly about Val, Ericka, and Deven, played by Joy Valentine, Erica J Green, and Whitney Morrow. The trio of friends deals with many life complications that become more and more complicated per episode with their love life and career. Your perception of each character may change as the episode progresses, but that is the GENIUS of Kerrick Greer. If you are familiar with Showtime Productions’ past productions, you will always know to expect the unexpected. I spoke with Dean Coutris, who plays Chase the husband of Erika, and he had this to say about not getting too comfortable with how you view a specific character early on. ” Don’t have any expectations in terms of like where do you think these characters are going, because they will turn in different directions very quickly!”  

That seems to be the overall reactions from the actors who want to make sure the viewers pay attention and be ready to put on their detective hats. I spoke with Cynthia Hill, who played Ava Russell and stated the following for viewers’ expectations. ” Be ready to solve some triangles, some scandals, keep in mind who knows who and what their relationships are between them.” 

The Red Carpet event set the tone for how the night was going to end. Every actor, producer, songwriter, and film writer interacted with the crown before the event and was enthusiastic about being there. The joy followed into the theatre as well all sat to watch three episodes which exceeded many expectations from the viewers I spoke with after it was over. The audience loved the interaction with the actors during the screening as they seemed to love certain scenes as much as the viewers did! Overall, I believe Johnny and Kerrick have something spectacular in the making! Johnny was able to capture the beauty of Greenville behind the lends, and Kerrick perfected bringing it to life. What a dynamic duo! 

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