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Why AEW is the Perfect Home for the Hardy Boyz

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All Elite Wrestling has made itself a household name in the pro wrestling landscape by having an edge in its programming. They have taken what has worked in previous eras in the sport and made it a focal point of their product, and so far, it has been successful. One of these above-mentioned eras was the ‘Attitude Era’ in WWE from November 1997 to May 2002. We saw stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, and more rise to seismic popularity during this era. When you watch AEW on TV, the fans in the arena are engaged the entire show and are vocal about ‘Booking’ decisions made. 

When you think of names that resonate with professional wrestling tag teams, we all will think of names such as Rock N Roll Express, The Road Warriors, The Hart Foundation, and others. One name that may not be remembered is that of The Hardy Boyz. After debuting in 1994 in WWE, brothers Jeff and Matt have traveled the wrestling landscape and made significant contributions to each company they have been employed within their careers. They have been in WWE, Ring of Honor, and TNA before recently coming to AEW. Is AEW their best destination yet? 

The Hardy Boyz have taken the wrestling world by storm, with Jeff joining Matt by debuting this week on Dynamite. Since Matt’s debut in March of 2020, we, as fans, have been waiting for this moment. Fans have been clamoring since the announcement a few weeks ago that he {Jeff} would officially be ‘ALL ELITE’ and join the company. Now that Jeff and Matt have rejoined, we may see an entirely new ‘Side’ of them. When Matt debuted, he was under the ‘Broken’ character, but no fans were there to cheer. This side of Matt became popular during the TNA era of his career. I mention this because now that Jeff has joined him, we may see a new version of him. While in TNA with Matt, we saw Jeff’s ‘Willow’ version, which was prevalent among fans. The freedom with their characters in AEW will contribute to an already long career. This will also give AEW fans who have not seen this side of them something new to cheer for. 

With 28 years of experience in the business, this new opportunity will give the Hardyz a chance to give back to AEW as they give to them. When I say give back, I mean tutoring and mentoring younger talent in the locker room. They can improve the younger generation in more ways than wins and losses. We all know of the public demons that Jeff has fought in his career. This fresh start gives Jeff and his brother a path to reach these men and women on a personal level to explain the dangers of abusing any drug. They will also be able to train and help their counterparts on how to properly save their money for injuries that can occur at any moment. Both Matt and Jeff have battled injuries that have sidelined them for extended periods at times. These are just two ways to make AEW the best place for the brothers and the ‘Boys’ in the locker room. 

AEW owner Tony Khan has made many roster acquisitions as of late with names like Jay White, Swerve, and most recently at Revolution PPV, the legendary William Regal. Even with all these high-profile hirings, the addition of the legendary brothers from Cameron, North Carolina, may end up being the best one yet, and it is more than how they perform in the ring. It is what they can give to the future of the ring that makes them the best. Hardy Boyz is BACK!! 

Wes Pruett