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UGA vs UAB Recap & Grades

It’s tough to compare games, especially when you go from a massive win over Clemson last week to a substantial numerical win over UAB this week, but let’s see what we can do. UAB was coming off a shutout win over Jacksonville State, who beat Florida State last week, who took Notre Dame to overtime but lost. This season already doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, I think the buzz around this game was that Georgia needed to prove that their offense existed and wasn’t catfishing us. This game showed that we could indeed put up points against teams that we should anyway. 

Again, the defense was stellar, not giving up any points and allowing only a total QBR of 14.2 on the day. The Dawgs defense also had three sacks and three interceptions, which was returned for a touchdown. It helps to have a front seven that gets in the backfield every down. I still have concerns that our secondary is very green, but I don’t see an opponent coming up that should challenge them until we get to maybe Auburn.

So let’s grade some position groups; this one will be quick and to the point.

Quarterbacks: I said in mid-summer, you can put Carson Beck as the backup all you want, but if JT Daniels is out, you will see Stetson Bennett first because of his experience. That was the case against UAB, and if Daniels isn’t ready this weekend, you will see the same. Bennett went an astounding 10-12, with 288 yards and five touchdowns to zero interceptions. Carson Beck was 

4-10 for 88 yards and 1/1. Not much of a backup battle to me. 

Grade: A-

Runningbacks: I thought we would see a heavy dose of the running game but still see problems upfront opening holes. I don’t blame that all on the offensive line, though if teams stack the middle, why not run off tackle or throw a pitch? The play calling affects the entire offense.

Grade: B-

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: What a day to play ball catcher, huh? Brock Bowers was the man, compiling three catches for 107 yards and two touchdowns, suitable for 89 yards. Jermaine Burton and Arian Smith had long touchdowns, but it’s something special to see a tight end running away from defense as Bowers did.

Grade: A+

Offensive Line: They’re still cloudy. We have seen them play well and see them play very sloppy. Against Clemson, they protected the QB and made small holes for the running game. Against UAB, it was only slightly better, and the jump should have been massive. I know the team didn’t need the same intensity, but you still want to see your big boys up front play every down hard.

Grade: C+

Defense: I will group them all together here. Another stellar lights-out performance, which was expected of them this week, and they did not disappoint. The point of attack continues to be a clear advantage for every single player that UGA puts on defense.

Grade: A+

They don’t give me those super cool game balls to give to great performers, but I would hand them directly to Stetson Bennett and Adam Anderson if they did. It’s not about your opponent; sometimes, it’s about not beating yourself in a game. These guys did just that.

Chris Ausburn