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Still Them Boys?

After the Dallas Cowboys comeback game against the Atlanta Falcons, they put the league back on notice that they are still “dem Boyz” after winning 40-3. Unfortunately, that was not the case this week as they could not produce anything on the offensive side of the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs. Dak and the Cowboys only accumulated 84 yards rushing, which was one of the major factors in taking this loss. 

The Cowboys have a strong running game in Zeke Elliot and Tony Pollard; both of those guys having a successful game will make a defense real tired, giving their offense a better chance at getting more points on the board. As far as the passing game, not the best day for Dak Prescott and his wide receivers, there were some overthrown balls, dropped passes, and the offensive line couldn’t hold through some of the pressure the Chiefs were bringing. Not to mention, CeeDee Lamb ended up out with a head injury that was later ruled a concussion, and Amari Cooper was out with Covid. The next man up is the mentality, but nothing was clicking on the offensive side. Prescott was 28 of 43 for 216 yards and two interceptions, one of which came late in the game and ended any chance the Cowboys had to bring the score closer. 

The Chiefs defense accumulated five sacks, 3.5 of those belonging to Chris Jones, and two turnovers. The Cowboys defense was able to sack Patrick Mahomes only three times and only picked it off once. The Chiefs are a very high-powered team who come up with a lot of points. Mahomes came off his best game of the season throwing five touchdowns against the Las Vegas Raiders, but he could only drive the ball down the field, putting their running game to the test as their only two touchdowns came from the ground game. It shows that the Cowboys have a pretty strong defense, holding a highly powered offense of Mahomes, Ty. Hill and Travis Kelce to only 19 points. 

This is a quick turnaround game that Dak and the Cowboys must put behind them as they play Thursday afternoon on Thanksgiving. Although the Cowboys are number one in their division, they would like to be number one in the NFC, and that is still up for grabs as other teams have upsets during this season. The only thing that makes this Thanksgiving a tough one for the Cowboys is that they will be down two starting receivers and possibly their offensive lineman. Can the Cowboys keep up their momentum and get on another winning streak? We’ll find out Thursday afternoon as they are home for turkey day against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Alise Robinson