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State of The Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence was looking to bounce back from the first professional loss of his career regular season-wise. However, it wouldn’t be the result he wanted, with Jacksonville dropping their 17th game in a row losing to the Denver Broncos 23 to 17. Trevor talked about losing back-to-back games for the first time in his football career.

“Yeah, I hate losing, like I said last week, so it’s not fun, obviously. But at the same time, you’ve got to — you’ve just got to realize we’re getting better, and each week we’ve got to keep getting better, and it’s a long season. We’ve still got 15 more games, kind of like I said last week. That’s the mindset in the locker room, too. Everyone is frustrated. Everybody is disappointed. Obviously we worked our tails off to win this game, and we felt like we were prepared. We’ve got to make the play when our number is called and didn’t do that well enough today.” To me, it seems like Trevor doesn’t have the chemistry with the receivers just yet; when asked about it, he was quoted as saying this.

“Typically no. I think it’s just a lot of things. I missed a few throws. We didn’t have many drops today, so I think they did a good job. Denver did a good job contesting a lot of the throws. They mixed up their coverages well. I thought I saw it pretty well, too, and I think we just got behind the sticks a little bit as the game went on. You saw the first drive, we stayed in 2nd and 3rd and short, and I don’t know however many yards on the first drive we go down and score. Then after that, we get a penalty, or we’d have two incompletions back-to-back, then we’d be 3rd and ten or whatever, and just getting behind. It’s really hard against a good defense to convetough10 over and over again. That’s one thing. Things have to keep getting better. I thought we were better today than last week for sure, but just got to keep getting better.” Even though Jacksonville started off on a good note, the rest of the game didn’t go that way. As for the case of the Jaguars defense, they showed improvements on some things, only allowing Teddy Bridgewater and company to get 14 points. Josh Lambo struggled on kicking, going 0-3 Sunday. CB Shaquill Griffin was asked about Lambo’s struggles and keeping him encouraged to keep going

“When it comes to encouraging Lambo, he’s just got to understand that he knows — I went up to him today. He knows I’ve got his back. I feel like there’s nothing more that I can say because he knows his job. So it’s no reason for me to be like, oh, man, you — you know your job. You know why you’re here. Whatever you need please fix it. I don’t have to yell at you or motivate you to do more. If you want to be at, go be Fix Go fix it. It’s nothing more to be said. As a leader, I got your back. Prove us right, the reason why we have you here. There’s nothing else to be said. He knows what he needs to do to get better, and he knows what he needs to do to make sure he makes these kicks, so there’s nothing more to be said. He knows I got his back.

Marvin Jones was asked about Trevors struggles and had this to say: “We’ll get to that point. And that’s the thing, we’re still working through it, and that comes in practice. And that’s not a problem because we have good plays in practice; we just have to keep going. It’s a process. Sometimes it’s, a process and we did miss a few between both of us, receivers and him, and that’s something that we go and we correct it, and it’s going to be great once we get it all figured out. But I mean, as you can see, we had some great plays, we had some not-so-great plays. So, that’s not something that I am or anybody else is worried about. We’ll get it done for sure.” Now the question is, how will Jacksonville bounce back next week against the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray.

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