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Photo by Juawan Rice

“My Dad is the first person I go to after a bad game” – Daija

You might not come across a more impressive young woman on and off the court. My first time witnessing Daija was at the Thanksgiving tournament at Greenville High School. She was a BEAST! One scout came up to me while scouting another player and said, “she plays like James Harden – minus the beard, Lol!” I was more impressed with how she conducted herself during the interview than what I just witnessed on the court! I knew I needed an opportunity to speak with her to understand better who Daija was as a person. She was brilliant, which explained how she could dictate what the defense was doing the entire tournament! I’m not just blowing smoke either. Daija is in the National Honors Society & B.E.T.A Club!

During this interview, you will learn who has impacted her life and helped shape the person she has become today. You will also know how coach Smith can keep the team focused while staying undefeated thus far in the season and what will make Blue Ridge scary if two other individuals get H.O.T.!


Tyler Butler