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Luca Walden

With a dad from Georgia and a mom from North Carolina, the two moved to Germany together and had the multi-sport athlete Luca Walden, the sophomore you will learn about. Luca was fully raised in Germany and had played soccer and basketball and started playing football just two years ago. When speaking about his position, Luca has played running back, corner, safety, and linebacker. “Safety is my favorite because it’s like a mix of linebacker. I can tackle, intercept, and run all over the field. I like to be all over.” Luca stated when talking about which position is his favorite. 

Although he started just a couple of years ago, Luca is like a natural when playing football. Starting at the running back position, Luca played on the Munich Cowboys this past season and won the state championship. Rushing for over 100 yards, Luca contributed not only on offense but on defense as well. This was when he discovered his love for being a safety. 

Being able to play on both sides of the ball is important, especially as he works on his journey of playing high school football in the United States for next season, possibly playing for Rabun-Gap, a familiar school to another athlete covered by Sports & Culture. By the time he graduates, Luca stated he is open to playing for a school that can help him grow on and off the field, “as long as they can help me develop, I want to go there.”

Even though they are on the other side of the world, Luca and his dad stay up sometimes to watch the games on NFL Sundays. When asked what his favorite team was and why, Luca responded, “Baltimore Ravens,” Baltimore was the answer because he likes how Lamar [Jackson] plays, “he’s a dual threat,” “I also like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. I try to emulate my defensive game after them,” Luca stated when talking about the Ravens and their defense.

Even after just 2-3 years in the football world, Luca has a very bright future in front of him and is ready to showcase his talent in the states to improve and get some college offers.

Alise Robinson