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Jaguars Week 1 Recap

His first professional regular-season starts with the Jaguars; Trevor Lawrence has never lost a regular-season game in his career other than the two losses in the college football playoffs. Going into the game, Trevor had this to say about his nerves. 

“I’m always a little nervous before almost every game, but especially like the first game. We played some preseason, and I was nervous before those, but first official game, starting a division game on the road, all those things, I’m going to have a few butterflies. That’s just part of it, but we’ll be ready. I’m excited. It’s going to be fun. Get a good first play under your belt, get rolling, sometimes take a little hit, get you into the game. I’m excited. It’s going to be fun.” 

Going into the game, the Jaguars had a good healthy roster short of their injuries and rookie camp in minicamp. They were going up against an NFL veteran in Tyrod Taylor, Who is taking over the starting role for the Texans, over Deshaun Watson, who is out for legal reasons. Coach Urban Meyer had this to say about Tyrod Taylor starting for the Texans. 

 “We went back and watched Buffalo. I’ve got a lot of respect for Tyrod [Taylor]. We looked at him when we were looking at a possible quarterback, and then they signed him to the Texans. But I’ve always thought he was a heck of a player. I like the guys that can move. He’s a dual-threat guy. In Buffalo, he was outstanding, and then he got injured at the Chargers. But I’ve always thought he was a heck of a player.”‘ Going into the first quarter, it did not seem like the game would go the way the Jaguars wanted. 

The Texans got up to scores early in the first and just controlled the tempo from then on. However, the Jaguars look good in the second quarter, with Trevor Lawrence getting his first career passing touchdowns and a 22-yard play. But the defense was too much for the Jaguars offense to handle. They pressured Trevor and kept him scrambling but only got one sack for the whole game. Trevor commented on the Texans pass rush. 

“You know, they have a pretty good pass rush. But I think our guys up front did a really good job. I think we threw the ball 50 times and one sack. And that was at the very end. So I thought our guys did a great upfront front. In this league, there’s going to be some rush. There’s going to be some times where you’re going to have to get it out. I thought we managed that okay. It was just kind of everything else that we didn’t execute well. But from a protection standpoint, I thought we communicated well. We ID’d it good. And, yeah, obviously, there’s going to be a few every game. But I thought the guys up front did a hell of a job, especially in the run game. I thought we ran the ball well. It’s just tough when you get behind. In the second half, you’ve got to try to push the ball downfield.” 

Trevor had a rocky debut to start the season, having 332 and 3 touchdowns with three interceptions. They ended up losing the game 37-21. In the post-game press conference, Trevor had this to say about the first loss of his regular-season career. “No. I know I’m going to respond well. I’m made of the right stuff, so I don’t have any doubt about that. But it’s frustrating, and I hate losing. I hate losing. So we’re going to get better. But that’s all you can do is watch the tape, learn from it, get better, and move on. We’ve just got to stick together. That’s the main thing. That’s kind of in the past. That’s over. It is what it is. We’ve got to move on to next week and stick together. So it’s going to be good. All right, you all.” The Jaguars will just have to regroup and focus on what they need to work on and their weaknesses in this game against the Texans and shift the focus to the week to match up against the Denver Broncos.

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