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Jaguars Early Season Prediction

As Trevor Lawrence’s sophomore season approaches, the Jaguars look to start a new one. I take a deep look at the Jaguars’ season and give my prediction for their year. 

Depth Chart

QB: Trevor Lawrence 

RB: Travis Etienne Jr

WR1: Christian Kirk

WR2: Marvin Jones Jr

WR3: Zay Jones

TE: Evan Engram

LT: Cam Robinson

LG: Ben Bartch 

C: Luke Fortner

RG: Brandon Scherff 

RT: Jawaan Taylor

LDE: Folorunso Fatukas

NT: DaVon Hamilton

RDE: Roy Robertson-Harris

OLB: Josh Allen

MLB: Travon Walker 

OLB: Devin Lloyd 

SS: Rayshawn Jenkins

FS: Andrew Wingood

CB1: Darious Williams

CB2: Shaquill Griffin 

CB3: Tyson Campbell

P: Logan Cooke

K: Ryan Satoso 

HC: Doug Pederson 


Week 1 September 11th @FedEx Field vs. Washington Commanders

This marks the first game as Doug Pederson as a head coach. In a matchup of Carson Wentz versus Trevor Lawrence, this should be a back-and-forth matchup with Jacksonville ultimately winning.

Jaguars record (1-0)

Week 2 September 18 at TIAA Bank Field versus Indianapolis Colts

This is the first matchup between division rivals. Jonathan Taylor is coming off an impressive season and is insured to be a front-runner for The Colts this year. With the offense of line and Jonathan Taylor, the Colts will have an easy win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in this early matchup.

Jacksonville Record (1-1)

Week 3 September 25 at Sofi stadium versus Los Angeles Chargers

 Justin Herbert is coming up an impressive season with the most thrown touchdowns in most passing yards by any quarterback in the first two years of their career. While this should be a loss for the Jacksonville Jaguars, this will be one of their upsets for the year.

Jacksonville Record (2-1)

Week 4 October 2 at Lincoln Financial Field versus Philadelphia Eagles

Jaylen, Hurts, and the Philadelphia Eagles host the Jacksonville jaguars in a first-time matchup between Trevor Lawrence and Jalen Hurts. The Eagles have an up-and-coming defense that will be key to this game is bye. Jacksonville will come out with the win in an overtime victory.

Jacksonville Record (3-1)

Week 5 at TIAA Bank Field versus the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are in the middle of a rebuild, having traded Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins. They should be an easy win for the Jacksonville Jaguars with no vital essential players on their team.

Jacksonville Record (4-1)

Week 6 at Lucas Oil Stadium versus Indianapolis Colts October 16

In a rematch from week to the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to Indy to face the Colts. And with a better understanding of the team, I feel like Jacksonville will ultimately get the loss in an overtime game that is primarily a back-and-forth defensive matchup.

Jacksonville Record (4-2)

Week 7 @TIAA Bank Field October 23 versus New York Giants

The New York Giants come into Jacksonville with Saquon Barkley at full health. Jacksonville Defensive may be able to stop the Saquon for a good bit, but ultimately the Giants will get the win in a narrow victory.

Jacksonville Record (4-3)

Week 8 October 30, at Wembley Stadium in London, England, versus Denver Broncos

The Jaguars go to London to face Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos have slowly been building their team to an elite team that can compete with the Chiefs and Chargers in AFC West. And wow, this should be a one-sided matchup. The Denver Broncos will get a key win against the Jaguars in a playoff run. 

Jacksonville Record (4-4)

Week 9 at TIAA Bank Field Drive versus Las Vegas Raiders November 6

The Jaguars come into this game facing newly signed player Devante Adams who has proven to be one of the best wide receivers in the league. His speed and elusiveness will be key to the Raiders getting a big win against the Jaguars.

Jacksonville Record (4-5)

Week 10 November 13 at Arrowhead Stadium versus Kansas City Chiefs

In the first-ever matchup between Trevor Lawrence and Patrick Mahomes, two of the youngest quarterbacks in the league but with the most potential, it should be a good matchup that will lead to a future rivalry. Even without a Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs will still dominate in a commanding victory against the Jaguars. 

Jacksonville Record (4-6)

Week 11 Bye Week 

Week November 12 27 at TIAA Bank Field versus Baltimore Ravens

The ravens have significantly upgraded their team into one of the most dominating teams in the AFC North. The Baltimore Ravens go into Jacksonville to face Trevor Lawrence. A matchup between Lawrence and Lamar Jackson will be one for the ages. The mobile quarterback is a dual-threat and can get the momentum started quickly with just a straightforward play. And this should be an easy win for the Baltimore Ravens as they get a 7-point win.

Jacksonville Record (4-7)

Week 13 December 4 at Ford Field versus Detroit Lions

The Lions had one of the best drafts this year, adding to keep players in their first-round picks. With Jared Goff as their quarterback, they won’t have too much to look for word to buy it should be a back-and-forth defensive match up with Jacksonville getting the win.

Jacksonville Record (5-7)

Week 14 December 11 at Nissan Stadium versus Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry is one of the most explosive running backs we’ve seen since Marshawn Lynch. Tennessee has a very competitive team with players who are willing to do pretty much anything to get the win. This matchup between division rivals will be a blowout loss for The Jacksonville Jaguars as they look to regroup and finish the season strong.

Jacksonville Record (5-8) 

Week 15 December 18th at TIAA Bank Field vs Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have a complete offense with an explosive running back in Ezekiel Elliott and one of the top offensive lines in the league. It will be an actual test for the Jacksonville run defense to see if they can stop Zeke. And wow, this will be a back-and-forth match up the Jacksonville jaguars will get an upset victory late in the season.

Jacksonville Record (6-8)

Week 16 December 22 at MetLife Stadium versus New York Jets

Wow, the Jets have been one of the bottom-tier teams in the league. They have quickly been on the rise as a competitor in years to come. Trevor Lawrence versus Zack Wilson will be a matchup that we will look forward to in 10 years when they have grown to the potential that their organizations know they can reach. And while the Jets have a significant difference, it will not be able to stop Trevor Lawrence and Company from getting the win.

Jacksonville Record (7-8) 

Week 17 January 1 at NRG Stadium versus Houston Texans 

And another matchup versus division rival Houston Texans to Jacksonville jaguars heads to Houston for this matchup. Trevor Lawrence and Company will have a good time reading the defense and breaking down each play to ensure they get what they need. However, this will become a loss and an overtime game with a game-winning field goal for the Houston Texans.

Jacksonville Record (7-9)

Week 18 at TIAA Bank Field January 8 versus Tennessee Titans

In the season finale for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they go up against the Tennessee Titans at home. Containing Derrick Henry is always a problem and will continue the B problems for the Jaguars’ run defense as they struggle to contain him. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, this season will end on a loss, and they’ll have to regroup to see what they’ve done wrong and what they can do better next time. 

Final Jaguars record for the 2022 season (7-10)

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