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Hornets/ Hawks Preview

The 34-35 Charlotte Hornets host the 34-34 Atlanta Hawks in a divisional matchup. Both fighting for a spot in the playoffs have had some good wins lately and will be a exciting matchup between LaMelo Ball and Trae Young. Now I take a look at this game and give my prediction on what player to look out for and my prediction for the end of the game. 

Player to look out for Charlotte: Miles Bridges 

Miles Bridges has been key for the Hornets the last few games with a great night against Oklahoma City Thunder. He recorded 27 points on six assists as the Hornets couldn’t be stopped in the 4th quarter despite ultimately losing the game. He will be key as he is able to communicate well with the bench and is able to motivate them to be more productive and get momentum started. I think he’ll be essential in this game as he’ll be one of the top scorers for Charlotte going into the rest of the season. 

Key player to watch out for Atlanta: Trae Young 

Trae Young has been a unstoppable guard since his entry into the league in 2019. Averaging about 28.3 points per game, he’s always the number one option for the Hawks. With his ability to create shots with ease, the Hornets will need to double-team him so that they’ll have to go to another option and better opportunities to make them miss. 

Final Prediction: Hawks 119, Hornets 104

Lennon Crisp