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Georgia vs Vanderbilt Recap

If you watched the game, there isn’t much to recap. It was a very one-sided affair from the start. Brock Bowers put on a show again, taking an end-around for 12 yards and a touchdown and adding two more touchdown catches. He’s been the biggest surprise to me so far this season on offense. We saw exactly what we thought we would get out of the defense, giving up just 77 total yards and help the Commodores to 2-13 on third down. 

I won’t even give grades this week for position groups. Instead, I will point out how many second and third-string players made big plays. Start with Daijun Edwards, who is likely considered the 6th Running Back on this team. He had ten carries for 46 yards and a score, but he looked impressive in the way he ran the ball. Another future star in the making is Ladd McConkey. You might as well call him Michael Bennett Jr., and for those who don’t know who he is, please Google him. McConkey has excellent hands and finds ways to get open.

If anything to take away from this game that needs work, I would still say a QB after Stetson Bennett. We still don’t know what Carson Beck can bring to the table in the future. The limited playing time he’s had this year has been a learning curve. If you watched the Spring Game, I’m sure some said out loud that Beck could replace JT Daniels this fall in the presence of close friends. Don’t be hard on yourself; Spring Games are designed to show off big arms without the pressure of getting hit or reading a defense. He is not a bust, it’s way too early to think that, but he needs more time in the film room figuring out how to manipulate safeties and finding soft spots in zone coverage. 

Next week is a big game against Arkansas, and with Clemson losing this past weekend to NC State, this is now the biggest game of the year for Georgia. I will go ahead and caution you, don’t sleep on Arkansas’ speed. They have playmakers at positions that can hurt any defense. The question to me is simple, can Arkansas block the aggressive front seven of Georgia. If the answer is anything, but yes, this game will slide right into the hands of the Bulldogs. Offensively, Georgia is going to put up points, and not that I think this will be a shootout, but there is a chance that the better defense will decide a close game. Best of luck to both teams, and get out of this game healthy. 

Chris Ausburn