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Eli Henderson

Photo: Caleb Kelly Photography
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Family: a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.  The family primarily consists of the people who support and love you and the people you can trust. That’s what a football team is all about. Some of the most important family members on a football team are the offensive lineman. Their main job is to lay the groundwork so the rest of the family can flourish! The lineman has to protect the QB( the prized family possession), open holes for the running back( the cousins), and not allow the defender to infiltrate the family( the sister’s new boyfriend). When I asked Eli Henderson what made you commit to the University of Arkansas, it all came back to one crucial factor. FAMILY

“Mrs. Jackie… please just give me a chance!” Eli spoke about how coach Pittman won his parents over first. When he decided to leave Georgia and become the Head Coach of Arkansas, he had to win over mom again. It worked as Arkansas just landed the #6 offensive lineman in the nation. Watch the full interview below as we take you into the minds of one of the best centers in the country and the importance of the word family. 

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