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Video via Jaguars

Jacksonville and Buffalo had the battle of the Josh Allen’s, with Jacksonville having Allen on defense while Buffalo had QB Josh Allen. It was going to be a fantastic matchup. DE Josh Allen made history by being the only player to sack a QB with the same name; he also got an interception recorded. Allen completed 31 of 47 passes for 264 yards, with the two picks and a fumble. He also fumbled again late, but officials ruled him down by contact.

“I was just looking on their sideline, and one thing I know is I was like, ‘They don’t have the same energy as us,'” Jaguars cornerback Shaquill Griffin said. “If you feel like one team deserved this win, it’s us, but you’ve got to believe that.

“That’s one thing I kept preaching at everybody else. Look on the sidelines, watching them walking around; it’s like they don’t care. They don’t deserve this. Let’s show them why. So now we’ve got to continue that momentum.” The third quarter wasn’t good for kicker Matt Wright having missed three kicks within a matter of minutes. Lawrence got injured when a defender landed on his ankle, but he got back in the game after a bit of rest, but with 118 passing yards, he did enough to get the job done and get the win. Only time will tell if the Jaguars can get the momentum going next week when they travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts.

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