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All Elite Wrestling has taken wrestling fans on a roller coaster ride that culminates on Sunday night in Orlando with Revolution. In what many have said, maybe their most stacked card in its history almost guarantees for a great night of professional wrestling. The ‘Buy In’ will get things kicked off at 7/6 Central Time, with the main card starting an hour after and is slated to run roughly four hours. What matches will occur, what is the history behind them, and who will win? 


Hook vs. QT Marshall 

This match features a seasoned veteran and a rookie in the business. QT, who leads the Factory faction, has the expertise and in-ring experience in this matchup. This will be his first PPV appearance in just his sixth in-ring match for his opponent in Hook. Since Hook has made his debut, he has been unstoppable with an undefeated record. With his father, Taz, as his mentor and teacher, he is being pushed to be the next big thing in AEW. 

Prediction- Hook makes quick work of QT and wins with a submission. 

Kris Statlander vs Leyla Hirsch

Statlander has become less of her alien self and much more human in her character. In the first of three matches featuring the women of AEW, this has become a personal match. Leyla has been attacking ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien’ in Statlander backstage in recent weeks. Could Hirsch break her? Will Statlander get revenge?

Prediction – Statlander has the potential to hold either the AEW Women’s Championship or the TBS title, and she proves that against Leyla. Statlander wins a physical battle to possibly challenge for a championship soon. 


Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

This match has been formed organically between two of the best to ever step in the ring. Bryan wants to team up with Moxley and take the tag team division by storm. He must ‘Bleed with him first,’ as Moxley told him a few weeks back for this to happen. Since Moxley has returned, we have seen a new side of aggression from him. Bryan is arguably the best in-ring competitor when it comes to technical wrestling. The fight between these two will have fans across the world on the edge of their seats. 

Prediction- In a back-and-forth battle between these two Moxley comes away with the win. After the match, I expect to see a sign of respect between the two. The tag team division will be on notice. 

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston 

This is a storyline that many fans never thought they would never see happen. To close the first episode of Dynamite, we saw Jericho from The Inner Circle. From Stadium Stampede matches to MMA Style matches and more, they have been the face of the company. The faction has cracked and begun to separate in front of Jericho as of late. Eddie Kingston, who made his debut in 2020, does not like Chris and has made no bones about it. These two have taken personal jabs at each other and are ready to fight. Is Kingston scared of success? Can Jericho keep his faction together?

Prediction- Both don’t want to wrestle; they want to fight! Jericho will give it his all, but Kingston wins the fight. Possibly with some help. 


Keith Lee vs Wardlow vs Ricky Starks vs Orange Cassidy vs Powerhouse Hobbs vs Christian

The winner of this match will earn an upcoming match for the AEW Championship. In last year’s match, Christian came away with the victory. This match features multiple styles and sizes of competitors. Wardlow and Powerhouse Hobbs are the favorites coming in, but can another star grab their chance at the gold. 

Prediction – Wardlow powers his way to a chance at the top prize in AEW. He has been on an absolute warpath as of late.


Luchasauras and Jungle Boy {Champions} vs. Young Bucks vs. reDDragon

This is between the three best tag teams in the company. The Champions, Luchasauras, and Jungle Boy have been slightly forgotten with all that has gone on recently in AEW. With the Bucks and RD’s internal issues, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Can Jurassic Express defend their titles? 

Prediction – This match will be a five-star match featuring great spots from all three teams. In the end, I think reDDragon comes away with the titles furthering their struggles with the Young Bucks. 


CM Punk vs. MJF

This is the match we all want to see. It has pulled at our heartstrings with some of the best promo work seen in years. It has become so personal that they will be connected with a dog collar. No more running for MJF from Punk. Has MJF brought out a side of punk he didn’t want to see? 

Prediction- This will be a bloody battle between two men who hate each other. We will begin to see the old and more ruthless CM Punk. Punk will get his revenge for the bloody beating he took last week on Dynamite. Possibly with some help from someone, MJF knows very well. 


Sting, Darby Allin and Sammy Geuvara vs. Andrade, Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy 

This match will be entertaining, with many exciting spots along the way. Matt Hardy and Andrade have become a force to be reckoned with as of late. Can the icon sting and company slow them down?

Prediction- As good as Sting and Darby have been together, it comes to an end Sunday when Andrade and crew get a big win. 


Jade Cargill {Champion} vs Tay Conti

Cargill has been unstoppable in AEW with no loss to date. She will defend her title for the first time on PPV in a much-anticipated battle with Conti. AEW has shown that they value Cargill and her raw talent in the ring and on the microphone.

Prediction- Cargill successfully defends her title in a hard-fought match. We may see these two continue this past Revolution. 


Britt Baker {Champion} vs. Thunder Rosa

Since its inception, Baker has become the face of the women’s division with her dominance. This match is a rematch of perhaps the bloodiest women’s match ever seen with their unsanctioned’ lights out’ match last March on Dynamite. Can it top the first? Can Thunder Rosa overcome Britt?

Prediction- I do not think any match they have can top their most recent battle. While Britt has ran the women’s division, I think her run is over. Rosa gets the win! 


‘Hangman’ Adam Page vs. Adam Cole

Adam Cole has made quite the entrance in AEW by reigniting old rivalries. When it comes to Cole and Page, they are no strangers to each other. From their days in NJPW to now AEW, this match will and the show with a BANG {no pun intended} on Sunday night. Page has had a nice run as champion but hasn’t had that big test. Can Cole be that test? Can page defend? 

Prediction- I do not see Cole taking the title from Page yet. Page needs a big test, and I don’t feel this is it. I think this match will go an hour, and we will see plenty of interference. In the end, Page will get the pin for the win. 

I think we will see a surprise or two on the PPV. This has become a ‘booking’ staple of owner Tony Khan in the company PPV history. Who could we see appear? Will Cody return to AEW? Will Wyndham strike fear in All Elite? We will find all of these answers and more in an incredible event. 

Wes Pruett