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A PRO by every measure

Prometheus “Pro” Franklin II, a 6’3 QB out of Greenville High School, will be taking his talents to South Carolina State University. An HBCU in Orangeburg, South Carolina. 

During his years at Greenville, per maxpreps, Pro threw for over 5600 yards, 56 total touchdowns, including ten rushing touchdowns, averaging just over 180 yards per game and only have 12 interceptions in three seasons. With a QB rating of 116.3, it’s safe to say Pro was one of the best. 

In his decision making to go to SC State, Pro stated it’s all about his education and not being too far from home. He would love for his family to come down & watch his games without being 10+ hours away. 

“Standing on the 50 yard line, seeing all their banners, I knew I wanted to make history like I did at Greenville,” Pro said. He definitely has the right mindset and potential to go & showcase his talent for the SC State Bulldogs

Alise Robinson